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        醋酸斜面料廠家直銷 原創圖騰 留言獲取布板

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             Our company has a fabric supply enterprise integrating yarn, weaving, printing and dyeing with production, sales and service. The company can design and customize according to customer needs to produce and manufacture all kinds of fabrics according to customer needs. The company's business purpose is to improve product quality, manufacture high-quality products, provide stable supply to customers at reasonable prices, reassure customers, and enhance enterprise competitiveness through continuous innovation, breakthrough, and strengthening the technical foundation. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Welcome to call us for consultation and negotiation.
            The following are the products of the company. For some goods, we not only provide you with fabrics, but also provide you with the styles tailored by high-end designers and original design drawings, so that you can buy fabrics to start production and quickly realize your profits.
            Our company is looking for clothes that are intended to develop clothing styles for the fabrics produced, and jointly serve the clothing manufacturers! Interested parties please leave a message to us! Your craft, my fabric, resource sharing, win-win cooperation!



          1、良好的熱塑性,醋酯纖維在200℃-230℃時軟化,260℃時熔融,具有熱塑性與合成纖維類似,具有變形永久性。醋酸面料的成形性好 ,能美化人體曲線,整體大方優雅。



          4、優秀的手感, 醋酯纖維手感柔軟滑爽也與桑蠶絲相似,懸垂感和桑蠶絲無異。醋酸絲織成的織物易洗易干,不霉不蛀醋酸面料,其彈性優于粘膠纖維。






             Acetic acid fabric is a kind of artificial fiber made by esterification reaction of acetic acid fiber and cellulose. It belongs to the family of artificial fibers. It is made by advanced textile technology. It is bright in color, bright in appearance, smooth and comfortable in touch, and its luster and performance are close to those of mulberry silk.
        Acetic acid fabric advantages:
        1. Good thermoplasticity. Acetate fiber is softened at 200 ℃ - 230 ℃ and melted at 260 ℃. It is similar to synthetic fiber in thermoplasticity and has permanent deformation. Acetic acid fabric has good formability, can beautify the body curve, and is generous and elegant overall.
        2. It is not easy to generate static electricity. Acid vinegar fiber is not easy to generate static electricity and hair balls. It is easy to clean and dry. It is not mildewed and moth eaten. It is excellent in environmental protection.
        3. Excellent dyeability. Acetate fiber can usually be dyed with disperse dyes, with good colouring performance and bright color. Its colouring performance is superior to other cellulose fibers.
        4. Excellent hand feel. The handle of acetate fiber is soft and smooth, similar to that of mulberry silk. The draping feeling is no different from that of mulberry silk. The fabric woven from acetic acid silk is easy to wash and dry, mildew free and moth free, and its elasticity is better than viscose fiber.
            The first difference between acetate fabric and silk fabric is that acetate fabric has excellent dyeing and color fixation performance, which is easier to color than silk. If the fabric quality is qualified, it will not fade, which is why acetate fabric is so new even if it is worn for a long time.
            Then look at their appearance and feel. The appearance of acetic acid fabric clothes is similar to that of silk. In the daytime, you can see that the cloth surface will have a slight luster. If the feel is similar to that of real silk, the feel of silk fabrics will not be much worse, as long as the quality is not too bad,
            From the comfort point of view, acetic acid fabric is less comfortable than silk, and its overall comfort is not as good as pure cotton, but in fact, the two fabrics are similar in terms of moisture absorption and breathability.
        Acetic acid fabric is generally free of static electricity, which means that it will not absorb the dust in the air on the clothing surface, so that the fabric is not easy to get mildewed and eaten by insects. The overall drape of these two fabrics are similar.
            In terms of use, more people will use real silk fabrics to produce cardigans, T-shirts or dresses, while acetic acid fabrics can be used to make sweatshirts, gowns and linings for various high-end clothing.



               供貨價:5元/碼-----25元/碼免費全程 提供款式設計打板

        All the above fabrics: basically in the width of 1.5 meters. If customers have special needs, we can customize them for you.

          Supply period: generally, goods can be supplied within three to five days after placing an order. If there is stock, goods can be delivered on the same day after placing an order.




        How do you choose the cloth board? You must clearly write the required article number. Please contact us below and submit your own contact information

        How do you choose the cloth board? You must clearly write the required article number. Please contact us below and submit your own contact information

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